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IS MY CHILD A PSYCHOLOGIST? We often consider our child a very innocent one.We always guide him to do thing.But when they grow only a bit they start refusing .For eating food ,having milk,taking care of toys ,doing homework and lots more.we become tensed but all in vain.They start shouting on us even thought we are much older than them. Child knows our what ,when and how we will react to their actions.They already knows it. They know when to do buttering ,when to yell ,when to speak nothing.When we think we are controlling ,they were controlling us.They are far …

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Increased helplessness of Corona patients in India

corona patient india

In the midst of the growing havoc of the epidemic, the claims of good preparedness and government claims of a chalk-proof system are being exposed. But only the grief of those sick can be estimated, who are not getting treatment even after all the efforts. Affection and status are also becoming meaningless in the face of this terrible disease, the helplessness of common people can only be imagined.

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2,137 infections a day in Delhi and 1,372 infection cases in Mumbai


In India, a record 10,956 cases of corona infection have been reported in one day till Friday morning. With this, the number of total infected in the country has reached close to three lakhs. According to the dashboard of Johns Hopkins University, India has now become the fourth worst affected country in the world due to Corona virus. On Friday, 12 May 2020, 1,372 new cases of corona infection have been registered in Mumbai. Here now the total number of corona infected has reached 101,141, although 25,152 people have been cured. On Friday, 90 people died of corona here. In …

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India left Britain behind in terms of number of infected

Covid 19 India

The Government of India has given relief in the lockdown recently. Shop-markets and religious places have been opened here from 8 June. Since then, the country is seeing an increase in cases of corona infection. Experts believe that Corona’s peak has not come here yet. According to Johns Hopkins University, where on June 8, India was at number five in the list of worst affected countries in the world with 257,486 cases of corona infection. At the same time, on 12 June, he overtook Britain and came at number four in this list. Corona infection cases have increased to 75.70 …

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Brazil Coronavirus Toll Now Worlds Second Highest Live SECVPF


Brazil has now surpassed Britain in deaths due to coronavirus. According to Johns Terminkins University’s Birdboard, Brazil is now second in the world in terms of deaths. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, in the last twenty-four hours, around 909 people have died here from Kovid-19, after which the total number of deaths in the country has reached 41,828. At the same time, 41,566 people have lost their lives in the UK from Corona. In the last 24 hours, 25,982 new cases of corona have been reported in the country, after which the total number of infected people has …

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Amit Shah to take yoga lessons from Muslim teacher after Nitish comment

BJP president Amit Shah will take lessons from a Muslim yoga teacher at a special camp here on June 21 – International Yoga Day. “Yoga experts Mohd Tamanna and Ashok Sarkar will teach yoga to Shah at Moinul Haque stadium here,” Ajit Kumar, in charge of Bihar-Jharkhand Patanjali Yogpeeth, said on Thursday. He said Tamanna will give tips on yoga to Shah. At least half a dozen Union ministers from Bihar, including Ravi Shankar Prasad, Rajeev Pratap Rudy, Radha Mohan Singh and Ram Kirpal Yadav, will also attend the yoga camp in Patna. Shah’s plans to attend the yoga camp …

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Top 20 health tips for stronger and longer erection

Lasting long in bed is every man’s carnal desire. So how do you increase the size, strength and stamina of your erections? Sexologist, Dr. Deepak .K. Jumani from Mumbai gives out simple health tips that will pump up your sex life and maximise your erection. 1: Eat lots of carb To have a massive erection for a long time, your body needs good amount of nutrients. Loading your body with carbohydrates is one of the best ways to have sex multiple times with your partner. Thus, choose foods which are rich in carbohydrates like pasta and bread. 2: Change your …

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I Have been sleeping with men 10,000

I have been sleeping with more than 10,000 men. Our careers peak time I spend time with a male to take 60 thousand bucks every hour. The whole night Lakhs. Bungalow, expensive car and addiction became my life. Glamour and sex world overwhelmed me. It’s a famous sex worker Australia revealing geneth man enegro, into a book. His sex life is written in this book full of experience. Geneth montenegro has disclosed in his book that when he was 19, then a rep Club gang. That event changed his life completely. To have it in their minds that he began …

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Figure was not good

Uk saphlak that a lot of your figure of Essex was tasmin. Baby before was very low size of Brest tamsin. Then he thought maybe some fixes to it after becoming mothers. After a few days, but her mother showdown figure like before. Too much hassle from their small tasmin Brest size. They also think that the other girls like her good figure. See the beautiful, but it was in her mind that figure because of the attractive. Thinking that your son does not take place anywhere on the public wanted to ply. Son phinle when two years looking at …

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Sex keeps you all the joys

If you are one of them who think that sex is the only defensible point of satisfaction, you need to make your information is arguably are interconnected. Sex is beneficial in many ways for adults to do. Sex can be good if something than it is-regular sex. Keep-one of the khyal of life running a better second choice. Sex not only helps you sleep of peace, but it reduces your stress too. Staying fit is also a fun way your fikra sex, because it can be quite helpful to your kailriz. These are some things were such that amunan usually …

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