Want to get rid of Obesity, Change your habits

If you are really worried of your obesity, consider that a single mistake in your routine can make your body fat.

According to the researches made recently, the blue lights of Smartphone and Laptop can increase the obesity. According to the researchers of Northwestern University, the blue lights of the Smartphone or laptop increase the hunger and so people eat regularly and this is why they suffer from the problem of obesity.

Although researchers have not yet found the reason why people may feel more hungry because of blue lights. It is also said in the research that because of doing work till late night on the Smartphone and Laptop, people not only feel more hungry, also affected the sleep. Because of the effect on the sleep, people get suffer from the obesity problem.

This research is published in the Science journal. So to get the perfect figure, spend less time on the    Smartphones and Laptops. Otherwise obesity problem increases and because of obesity, so many other diseases occurred in the human body.

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