October 1, 2023


The contentious discussion about California’s bill against caste discrimination.

SB-403 bill

A bill introduced to make caste discrimination illegal in California is set to come up for discussion in the state assembly this week. Savita Patel, a California-based independent journalist, speaks to those supporting and opposing the bill becoming a law. Sukhjinder Kaur*, a nurse at a hospital in California, works long and tiring hours serving patients. But whenever it’s break time, things become oppressive. She is a Dalit (a community that is placed at the bottom of India’s deeply discriminatory caste hierarchy) and says she often faces casteist insults from her South Asian colleagues. Dalit rights activists say scores of …

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The Indian military seeks to enhance capabilities with F-414 engine acquisition and bolster deterrence using MQ-9B drones.

MQ-9B drones

Indian government’s choice to support a tri-administration proposition to procure 31 MQ 9-Hunter B furnished drones from the US just before the Head of the’s state visit to the US on June 21 is the principal significant buy after Indian Naval force obtained 24 MH 60 R hostile to submarine fighting helicopters from America in February 2020. The last significant obtaining was finished just before then US President Donald Trump’s visit to India. The Guard Procurement Gathering (DAC) headed by Protection Pastor Rajnath Singh supported the acknowledgment of need (AON) for buying the equipped robots after the Bureau Panel on …

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Delhi-Mumbai airfares hit Rs 14,000, among costliest internationally

Airfare ticket

MUMBAI: The 24-hour advance buy airfare to fly Delhi to Mumbai relentless, as of now evaluated around Rs 14,000, is among the priciest homegrown passages on the planet.Indeed, even with a powerless rupee, a traveler from India will find the latest possible moment toll on the most active homegrown courses of nations, for example, the US, the UK, Australia, China, South Korea and South Africa valued lower. However, brazil had a more costly homegrown charge. While Delhi-Mumbai is India’s most active course, for Brazil, it’s the 55-minute departure from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. On Monday, the least expensive …

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Noida residents complain of incorrect water bills

noida society

Several residents in the city are complaining of inflated water bills received from the Noida authority. Residents from many areas including sectors 28, 29, and 37 among others claimed that despite paying the water bills for the financial year 2019-2020, the amount has been wrongly added to their current water bill. They are also miffed about being forced to go to the authority’s water department office to get the water bill corrected amid the covid 19 disease pandemic. “There is some technical error in the system of the water department that is calculating the bills wrongly and adding previous year’s …

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Top celebrity with highest number of followers on Instagram, Facebook, twitter accounts.

Top celebrity

Social media is the most popular trend in this century. A normal people spend 2 to 3 hours daily on these social media platforms. Instagram has 500 million active user every day . Facebook has 2.6 billion active user each day while twitter has 1.5 million active user daily. We can easily understand the attraction of people for social media platforms.Who are the top most followed personalities on these platforms, let’s find out. Top 5 Facebook personalities 1- Narendra Modi 44.4 million followers2- Priyanka chopra 40.05 million followers3- Virat kohli 37.1 million followers4- Salman khan 37 million5- Deepika padukone 34 …

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Win 50,000 at home with DIY mobile phone

DIY mobile phone

It’s a cash opportunity for those who have technical background. The contest name is Design in India. As a India we are going towards the made in India projects. People are emphasizing on Made in India. Meanwhile, the Indian smartphone company Lava is offering to make phones at home. For this, the company is organizing a contest. In which the winner will be given a cash prize of up to Rs 50,000.Registration dateStart date – 2/07/2020Last date- 09/07/2020Engineering students can apply in groups. Prize to be win is that top three winning teams will get a cash prize of ₹ …

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LOA – Line Of Actual Control

Line Of Actual Control

Line of actual control is the dividing line between the Indian tertiary and Chinese tertiary.Zhou Enlai first used this term in a letter to Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1959.   India and China have a history of three wars: Sino Indian war 1962 , chola incident 1967,Sino Indian skirmish 1987.China considers it 2000 km ,while India considers it as 3488 km.Lac is divided into three parts.These parts are Ladakh , Utarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim.

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Rahul’s attack on the government on the rising cases of Corona, said – PM surrenders

Rahul attack government

Corona virus cases are continuously increasing in the country. On Friday, more than 18 thousand new cases were registered across the country. The country’s main opposition party has targeted the government for this. On Saturday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister is silent and has surrendered. Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Covid-19 is spreading rapidly in new parts of the country. The Government of India has no plans to defeat him. The Prime Minister is silent. They have surrendered and are refusing to fight against the epidemic. ”The Congress president’s statement comes at a time when the corona infection …

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LOC – Line of Control


LOC or Line Of Control is a military control line between India and Pakistan. It is not recognized as a legal border line. LOC was formed in July 1972 after Simla agreement. People from India to Pakistan can visit by getting LOC permit .There are two ways to get this permit one is online mode which takes one week. Other is offline or manually which takes four to five weeks. The reason of visit should be genuine. Total length of LOC is 740 km . It is also de facto border. Initially it was called Cease fire line. It serrate …

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