October 1, 2023


Political news

Karnataka polls rebels trouble


The forthcoming Karnataka surveys are being tormented by rebel inconvenience, as a few disappointed party laborers have documented their designations as free movers subsequent to being denied tickets by their individual gatherings. This is an issue for both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress, who are the two principal competitors in the political decision. The BJP is confronting rebel inconvenience in somewhere around 16 supporters, while the Congress is confronting it in 18 voting demographics. The Janata Dal (Mainstream) (JD(S)) is likewise confronting some revolutionary difficulty, yet it isn’t really that serious of the BJP and Congress. The …

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DUSU Election Result

dusu election

The aftereffects of the Delhi College Understudies’ Association (DUSU) races were pronounced on September 23, 2023. The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) won three of the four focal board posts, while the Public Understudies’ Association of India (NSUI) won one post. ABVP competitors won the accompanying posts: President: Tushar DedhaSecretary: AparajitaJoint Secretary: Sachin BaislaNSUI up-and-comer won the accompanying post: VP: Abhi DahiyaThe ABVP has been winning the DUSU races for quite a while at this point. The current year’s triumph is the third in succession for the ABVP. The NSUI is the understudy wing of the Indian Public Congress party. …

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Miss. Mayawati A dynamic leader


Mayawati (born Kumari Mayawati Das; 15 January 1956) is an Indian politician who served as the 18th Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh from 1995 to 1995, 1997 to 1997, 2002 to 2003 and from 2007 to 2012. She is the national president of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), which focuses on a platform of social change for Bahujans, more commonly known as Other Backward Castes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes as well as religious minorities since 2003. She had also served as a Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha from 2012 to 2017 from Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati was born in a …

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Aam Admi Party now raises the power issue

Even, Aam Admi Party is now in a bad position at the national level, but the party has made the road map  against the UP Government. AAP will do the agitation for the proposal of expensive power for the poor people. The AAP workers  wll go door to door and start the awareness campaign among the people. The AAP volunteers will go to the different places and collect the people and tell them about this. This information has given by National Council Member Vaibhav Maheshwari. He said that because  the proposal passed by the power corporation, the urban BPL families …

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Now PNG Pipeline in Varanasi

PM Narendra Modi wants to implement the development plans in Varanasi without wasting any time. He has made plans for the growth of Varanasi city. His main emphasis is to deliver the PNG gas to the houses through the pipeline. There is also the panning for making the roads more broad, flyovers in the city along with the cleaning of the Ghats and holy river Ganga. The PNG will also be supplied to Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Jamsedpur, Bokaro, Howrah and Durgapur. According to the ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas, Modi has instructed the top management of Gail to prepare the …

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The Parliament will be free from the Criminals till 2015

Narendra Modi in his speech once again raised the case of tainted politicians. He said that the Parliament cannot win the trust of the people until itself get guilt free. He said, “We all will request the Supreme Court to solve all the cases of the MPs within a year who have the FIR or named in some case.  All things will get clear because of this and the minister who are innocent will remain in the Parliament, whereas those who will found guilt, reach to the jail. “ Modi said that he is sure that every MP will try …

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Modi’s Parliament Speech Analysis


Lok Sabha elections only just finished and the Government has begun to work. So you can say this period ‘overlapping period’. You can see this in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech. President’s address to the two houses, in a way reflects the intentions of the new Government. What the government wants to do and in which direction want to go. The address of the President and the speech that the Prime Minister has given on Thursday, one thing is underlying in this that he wants to take the states together. Narendra Modi was also the chief minister of a state …

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Modi gave order to the ministers to submit the income tax report

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is engaged in making the government machines fit and fine has now said the ministers to give their property details. All the Union ministers have to submit the details of their property and liability within two months. They also give information that they should have no commercial interest with the ministries. The ministers are instructed to finish all the relations with the business management or operational activity, if they have before taking their position or work. The Union Ministry has released the code of ethics again that was decided. In this, there is instruction to the …

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Modi’s Pix in negative faces list, case file

A controversy arises because of printing Prime Minister Modi’s picture with the negative people like Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden in a magazine of Polytechnic college of Kerala. The police file the case against the principal of Government Polytechnic, M.N.Krishnan Kutty of Kujhoor, the four students, staff editor Gopi and the owner of the printing press. Year 2013-14 campus magazine was released on June 4. It’s a page titled ‘ negative faces ‘, in which there is a MODI’s picture. There are the pictures of Sandalwood Smuggler Veerappan, LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran, Adolf Hitler, Bin Laden and George Bush. …

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And then Modi shakes hand with Rahul Gandhi

There are many unique views seen in the central hall of Parliament during the  President’s address on Monday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi came forward and shakes hand with Rahul Gandhi and the Vice President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi has faced a problem in finding his seat before the address of the President. During this, more than 4 dozen MP is left standing due to the lack of the seats to hear the President. Some MPs go back in mid of the President’s address, whereas some attended this till the end. Sushma Swarak sat unknowingly at the place of the prime …

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