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The people of India are conservative: Sunny Leone

Porn star Sunny Leone became a film actress who made ​​a mark in Bollywood , Mahesh Bhatt’s film ‘ Jism 2 ‘ from . Tina and Lolo in the coming days , will be seen in films like Ragini MMS 2 and Jackpot . Presenting his talk with Sunny Leone :

How react your parents did when you first told them that you are going to work in porn movie ?
My parents know my personality . They are very open to ideas . He never Tokataki not my work . I got an offer for porn movies and Speedap have made it my career . That is why I went ahead in the line .

Do you feel good and what is bad in a man ?
Intelligent discussion of a man Attract me , while coming from a bad Smell me feel worse .

Rumor was that ‘ Jism 2’ with the film’s director Pooja Bhatt was some misunderstanding you ? Are you still in touch with them ?
No , there is no dialogue with them now .

He had made a comment to you , who made ​​you sad …
Yes , he told me that he did not like me . After that I do not contact them .

Do you have any regrets about your past ?
No , I have no regrets about my past . Where I am today , I am there because of the past .

Adult film work but do not restrain your Hazbnd to you ?
No , he would come and support me in every way . What I do every day , he’s a – there is a thing out .

Do you like children ?
Yes , I like family .

What ‘s your next plan ? Are you thinking of settling in Mumbai ?
Yes , my husband and I soon plan to buy a house in Mumbai are . Staying on what I want to do . At the moment the movie ‘ Tina and Lolo ‘ , ‘ Ragini MMS 2’ and ‘ Jackpot ‘ busy in shooting films . ‘ Ragini MMS ‘ and ‘ Jackpot ‘ shooting is almost complete , while Tina and Lolo ‘shooting is yet to begin .

Would you still like to work in adult films ?
‘ Big Boss ‘ offers adult films after I had left already . Adult movies do not even have anymore .

Do you think that the U.S. porn films in India will lead the way ?
No , that could never happen here . Indeed , the culture is different .

Do you think that people here would prefer to watch porn movies …
No , not at all . Yes , sometimes they can be sure to see it . She is also a special section . But they do not like to discuss about it .

If you feel that people in India are Hippocratic?
No , they do not Hippocratic, are Conservative . But let me tell you one thing that the U.S. is not too much freedom do you guys think . The people do not discuss sex at lunch and dinner .

There is a section which does not like you .
Yes , but I think the majority of people in India , which I love. There are very few people who do not love .

‘ Bigg Boss’ Amar Upadhyay tried to get a closer look . Even once he had taken you in my arms …
Yes , maybe if he tried to come closer to me . But the ‘ Big Boss ‘ at the end I never found him . At the moment I have no interest in talking to them is not

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