October 4, 2023

Get relief from asthma then massaged these five organs

To get rid of it completely cure such problems – with five parts of the body acupressure massage as you can . It is neither a Side Effect and you will find relaxation from Asthma

Point 1 – sew

Chest just below the collar bone points with three fingers on it and make him a minute brisk pressure . The difficulty of breathing during asthma , phlegm and relax tense .

Point 2 – breast bone

Shoulders parallel to the bottom of the breast bone and collar bone on the thumb side and hold for one to two minutes to create high pressure . The B phlegm in the chest , shortness of breath and panic prop lanes .

Point 3 – shoulders back down

Pitr below the shoulders to keep the finger on the protruding bone and create a two minute brisk pressure and

Leave . This cough , sneeze , get comfortable in problems such as muscle stiffness .

All these organs acupressure massage for weight loss

Point 4 – palm

Find the center point of the palm and wrist joints and build on it with a finger pressing a minute brisk . This sore throat , cough and difficulty breathing immediately comfortable.

Point 5 – thumbs down

At the point just below the thumb finger fast pumping Create a minute and leave . The lung problems , such as cuff may find comfort in the problem .

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