October 4, 2023

7th Pay Commission’s approval, employees will benefit 80,00,000

Windfall for all central employees . The Prime Minister has approved the constitution of the seventh pay commission . Central Pay Commission , nearly 50 lakh employees and 30 lakh pensioners will benefit .
Pay Commission be formed and after the implementation of his recommendations and central staff salaries will be better than before . Central government announced a project to take advantage of the upcoming elections is being considered .

The Sixth Pay Commission recommendations were implemented in January 2006 was one . Pay submit its recommendations to the Commission takes on average 2 years .

If the Commission takes its recommendations into handing over 2 years so its recommendations can be implemented from January 2016 . Commission decision on the names of the chairman and members will be taken soon .

SPC before the Fifth Pay Commission in January 1996 and a fourth pay commission was implemented in January 1986 .

Some key recommendations were applied in SPC

– All central office staff whose salaries are less than Rs 26,000 on fixed and variable slab should be applied to them

– Entry level should be at the minimum pay of Rs 6,660 . Secretary should be the maximum pay of Rs 80,000

– Secretary level positions should have a certain scale

– The total number of grade 20 should be reduced and should be available for slab on four variables

– Promotion of the slab should be decided on according to the new position and an increase in salary should be in every

– Annual increase in salaries and a half per cent of the total salary should be

– Salary increases should be given in July

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