October 1, 2023
geeta mehta
geeta mehta

Gita Mehta

Gita Mehta was an Indian creator, narrative producer, and writer. She was brought into the world in New Delhi in 1942 and kicked the bucket in London in 2023. She was the senior sister of Naveen Patnaik, the Main Clergyman of Odisha.

Mehta composed a few books, including Karma Cola, A Waterway Sutra, and Raj. She likewise composed a journal, Snakes and Stepping stools, and a few verifiable books, including A Gandhian Lady and A Taken Life: A Diary. Her work has been converted into more than 20 dialects and has won various honors.

Mehta was likewise an effective movie producer. She coordinated a few narratives, including Karma Cola, A Waterway Sutra, and Dharma’s Little girls. Her movies have been screened at significant film celebrations all over the planet and have won a few honors.

Mehta was an enthusiastic supporter for civil rights and ladies’ privileges. She was likewise areas of strength for an of strict radicalism and public viciousness. Her work has assisted with bringing issues to light of these significant issues and has enlivened many individuals to battle for an additional fair and impartial world.

Mehta was a splendid essayist and producer, and she was likewise a bold and humane lady. She will be profoundly missed by her family, companions, and admirers everywhere.

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