October 4, 2023

Spain Out of FIFA World Cup

Last world cup winner, Spain is now out of FIFA world cup. Chile has now reached in Top 16 with this win. After losing the match with Netherland by 1-5, Spain has lost the match to Chile by 0-2.

No one is expecting such type of embarrassing performance from Spain that is on the 1st ranking from the last 6 years.

This match was do and die match for the Spain. The pressure on the face of the players of Spain were very clear.

After winning the first match in the tournament, the Chile team was very aggressive and thus won the match easily.

Vargas of Chile has made no mistake in converting the pass into goal in the 20th minute and take a lead of 1-0.

The fans were very disappointed with this goal as well as the players also get disappointed.

In another exciting match of Group B, Netherland defeated Australia and became the first team to reach top 16. Netherland won the match but not in a very easy way.

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