October 1, 2023

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My heartbeat is racing and I am nervous: Sheila Dikshit

Delhi Sheila Dikshit ruling by beating three consecutive elections this time is increased. Arvind kejriwal party of the common man are not taking lightly. Sheila says Kejriwal in Delhi elections can not rule completely. He said that the public are not in a position to say something about the mood. She first spoke to the media about Kejriwal. Earlier, speaking at the Kejriwal have been avoided. She kejriwal two steps forward and take a step back. Vision does not have any work for them. Dikshit was made to the common man party is attracting people’s attention. Arvind kejriwal when asked about the party …

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The problem is not in the army, it’s in Central Government: MODI

Narendra Modi

Crowned for the first time after Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Haryana are Revadi. 2 days ago on behalf of PM candidate MODI declared BJP gaya was supposed to be extremely important to rally its maddenjar. it has been the introduction of the rally the troops before MODI naman and hats off to them for their bravery. Narendra Modi asked a direct attack on the Government speaking upâ Delhi Government soldiers Is completely insensitive to the problems he said came on the day of the military’s problems cause weakness is perpetuated from Delhi and Delhi Government solution would …

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