October 1, 2023

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Jackpot Film Review

Sunny Leone has released the second film Jackpot . More in terms of exposure Sunny leone has overtaken the previous movie ? Not necessarily come to see you gamble jackpot . But the film must be strong enough to convince the man that he is unaware of what is going on on the screen . Director Kaizad Gustad has totally failed in this case . First Supr flop film ‘ Boom ‘ is identified by Kaizad ‘s second film . Seems to be moving on the path of the first film . The film is the story engaging , the director …

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No problems with Porn star image : Sunny Leone

Before coming to Bollywood Sunny Leoni was a well-known name in U.S. porn films. But now she has started to work in Hindi films, so none of her old image that the problem occurs. In response, Sunny Leone I was never a problem with your image. Extremely comfortable with myself I always am. Guys you are speaking about what he should do. They define the criteria for you, but I do not care what I like and what I do. Them because of their old image more offers are only for certain types of roll? Sunny Leone I am happy …

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Sunny Leone’s bold look in her new movie Jackpot’s trailer

Sunny Leone’s new film Jackpot trailer  is bold accordance with their image . There are many bedroom scenes in the trailer . Sunny Leone is busy these days in two films . Ragini MMS is the first film and the second Jackpot 2 . Jackpot has now released the first trailer of the film . Sachin Joshi in the film with Sunny Leone and Nsirudin Shah in the lead roles . Directed by Kaizad Gustad The film will be released in 2014 . Sunny Leone’s long role in the movie .

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