September 30, 2023

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Pakistan economical situation

pakistan economical

Pakistan’s financial circumstance is as of now under serious pressure. The nation is confronting various difficulties, including: High expansion: Pakistan’s expansion rate is right now at 27.4%, and it is one of the greatest on the planet. This is making it challenging for individuals to bear the cost of fundamental necessities.Low unfamiliar stores: Pakistan’s unfamiliar stores have tumbled to basically low levels, which is making it hard to import labor and products. Devaluing cash: The Pakistani rupee has lost more than 40% of its worth against the US dollar in the previous year. This is making it more costly to …

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Modi’s Special Gift for Shariffs mother – Maryan Gets Emotional

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave Nawaz Shariff’s mother a special gift when writ from India. This special gift made Maryam Nawaz Shariff emotional. She gave thanks to Modi by Twitter. Modi gave Nawaz Shariff’s mother a shawl in the gift. Nawaz gave the gift in his mother’s hand after reaching Pakistan. He told it by Twitter. His daughter tweeted ‘Thanks to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this extremely beautiful shawl for my grandmother. My father gave him this’. Maryam also shard the photo of this shawl on the Tweeter. During his visit to India, both Prime Ministers shared some …

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Two Billion Bounty On Musharraf’s Head

musharraf pakistan

The son of late Baloch leader Akbar Khan bugti just doubled the reward for beheaded the former military ruler of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf. Talal Akbar Bugti declared two billion rupees and 200 acres of farming land for Musharraf assassination. A Baloch leader was murdered in a military campaign during the term of Musharraf. Talal, the fourth son of Akbar Khan had earlier announced 100 billion bucks and 100 acres land to kill Musharraf. Talal, the chief of the party “Jamhuri Sod” said that crimes against humanity pushed us to put this reward at the head of Musharraf. Talal declared this in a meeting held …

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