October 1, 2023

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Sunny revival Jane, Vidhut will be Tarzan?

If you’re Tarzan fan, you have a good news came the news that 1985 km supply. and Hemant’s bigger starrer Director b. Subhash advenchar of Tarzan “remake now. Indeed, old movie director b. Subhash make planning your movie again. What if believed, it could roll Vidhut Tarzan jamwal. that’s where Jane offers to sunny leone hot roll of Star . Movie director b. Subhash has told about that, thanks to the good advenchar of Tarzan romantic sins of our time at the superhit chartabastar. today also Tarzan Tarzan’s popularity is intact, so I want to remake it dress phains. I think …

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Ragini MMS-2 has earned 28 million in four days

The magic on the box office of the actress Sunny Leone is running very fast as her movie Ragini mms-2 gets a super opening. Ragini mms-2 has lead to the Imtiaz Ali’s ‘ Highway ‘ and the ‘ Derh ishkiyan ‘ of Madhuri Dixit, in the case of earnings. Ragini mms-2 has earned a total 28 million in just four days and so far proved itself this month the highest earning movie at the weekend. According to box office figures film earned 4.5 million rupees alone on Monday. The film was released last week and surpasses two big films earning …

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Jackpot Film Review

Sunny Leone has released the second film Jackpot . More in terms of exposure Sunny leone has overtaken the previous movie ? Not necessarily come to see you gamble jackpot . But the film must be strong enough to convince the man that he is unaware of what is going on on the screen . Director Kaizad Gustad has totally failed in this case . First Supr flop film ‘ Boom ‘ is identified by Kaizad ‘s second film . Seems to be moving on the path of the first film . The film is the story engaging , the director …

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Sunny Leone does not want to do these five things

sunny leone

Sunny Leone are now hiding of the past. What she wants to take a break from the old days and the old image ? Sources close to the same are claimed .Indian origin American former porn star before appearing on the reality TV show was known only to the few . But gradually began to recognize her in India . Some opposition , but most have liked . That led to the Bhatt camp’s ‘ Jism 2’ movie was like . There were so many scenes in the film , as was the image of linen . Sunny redeemed by …

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No problems with Porn star image : Sunny Leone

Before coming to Bollywood Sunny Leoni was a well-known name in U.S. porn films. But now she has started to work in Hindi films, so none of her old image that the problem occurs. In response, Sunny Leone I was never a problem with your image. Extremely comfortable with myself I always am. Guys you are speaking about what he should do. They define the criteria for you, but I do not care what I like and what I do. Them because of their old image more offers are only for certain types of roll? Sunny Leone I am happy …

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Sunny Leone’s bold look in her new movie Jackpot’s trailer

Sunny Leone’s new film Jackpot trailer  is bold accordance with their image . There are many bedroom scenes in the trailer . Sunny Leone is busy these days in two films . Ragini MMS is the first film and the second Jackpot 2 . Jackpot has now released the first trailer of the film . Sachin Joshi in the film with Sunny Leone and Nsirudin Shah in the lead roles . Directed by Kaizad Gustad The film will be released in 2014 . Sunny Leone’s long role in the movie .

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Sunny Leone did not give topless scene

Maybe you do not believe , but to be sure . Sunny Leone topless scene in a movie has to be ruled out . Sunny and in the U.S. it is now known for Adult movies , but here he has refused to give topless . Sunny ‘s upcoming horror movie when the director told the demand scenario in Story , Sunny said he can not do so . In this scene, her bare breast to cover them by hand , but did not feel Sunny Kanfrtebl in it . Even Sunny Adwais that it is to wear the bikini …

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Good news for fans of Sunny Leone.

Good news for fans of Sunny Leone. Ragini MMS is now expected in Sunny Part -2. Indo – Canadian Hot Sunny Leone’s second film. Jism 2 and Sunny were visible before, but now came in 2011 Ragini MMS Sunny will be seen in the sequel. Ragini MMS Kanaj pearl and Ram Kumar Yadav had played leading role, but this time Sunny Leone has been the role of the lead actress. The film to be directed by Bhushan Patel 17 January, will be released in 2014. Sandhya Mridul and Anita Hnsdsani Sunny in the film will be seen. Now see the …

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