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Samsung Galaxy M21 की समीक्षा: खास बातें

Samsung Galaxy M21

हमने सैमसंग द्वारा Galaxy M21 द्वारा बजट स्मार्टफोन की समीक्षा की। स्मार्टफोन का मुख्य आकर्षण इसकी 6000mAh बैटरी और तीन रियर कैमरे हैं। क्या पूरा पैकेज इसके लायक है? ब्रांड: सैमसंग उत्पाद: Galaxy M21 मुख्य स्क्रीन : 6.4-इंच FHD + सुपर AMOLED स्क्रीन, 6000mAh बैटरी और 48-मेगापिक्सल का प्राइमरी कैमरा। कीमत: Price 14,499 से शुरू रेटिंग: ३/५ एक साल पहले, जब हमने ’बजट’ या segment किफायती ’खंड के बारे में बात की थी, तो हमें बातचीत में Xiaomi और Realme जैसे ब्रांड लाने थे। लेकिन सैमसंग अपना आक्रामक खेल खेल रहा है और उस ’बजट’ स्मार्टफोन सेगमेंट में जगह बनाने …

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Moto X 64GB – First try and then Buy offer

The rumors about the Motorola’s Moto X 64GB is now true. Motorola also started the promotional advertisement “Try then Buy” for Moto X 64GB. The users can try this Smartphone for two weeks before buying it. Motorola has currently launched the 64Gb version of Moto X in the U.S. The special thing about Moto X is that this mid range Smartphone is is now in 64GB version after 16 GB and 32 GB. The price of this Smartphone is $449 (nearly Rs. 26,500). The company can launch Moto X 64GB version in India. You can find the ‘Google Now’ option …

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The upgraded version of the cheapest nokia windows phone – Nokia 530

Now it is time of the Nokia 530, the upgraded version of the cheapest and popular Nokia Smartphone 520. The Nokia Lumia 530 is based on the latest operating system Windows 8.1. The photograph of this phone has leaked online. This moment, no more information about this phone is available, but after looking the photograph, it seems that the size of the screen is 4.3 inches. There is no front camera in this phone. There are three touch buttons, back, home and search are available at the front. There is the possibility that the company will launch this Smartphone in …

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Smartphones, that have just got a price down

When a new Smartphone launches in an Indian market, then the effect of that phone also shown on the price of the existing Smartphones. Every day, there is the news of some new phone launch. The prices of old phone fall after the launch of new phone. Here the name of some Smartphones is given and the prices of them are reduced by the company itself or E-commerce websites are selling them on low price. Know here the name of the phones whose prices are reduced. Samsung galaxy S5 – The price of this mobile at the time of launch …

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The Featuer of The Nokia Phone Nokia X2DS Leaked before Launch

New Phone of Nokia This new Nokia phone is quite far from launch right now, but its features have been leaked by now. Nokia X2DS (RM-1013),the features of this Smartphone leaked on the Entutu benchmark site. This website has its almost all specifications. This phone will be available in both single and dual SIM, whose price will vary. This handset has 1.2 gigahertz Kovalam Quad core snapdragon processor, 1 GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage. Additionally, there is feature of up to 32 GB of external storage. The screen is of 4.3 inch who with 800×480 pixel resolutions. The …

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Lenovo Smartphone Lenovo Vibe X price decreases, know new price

Computer and Mobile company Lenovo had launched its midrange Smartphone ‘Vibe X’ in December 2013, in the Indian market. At that time, in the Indian Market its price was finalized 25,999. Lenovo has now decreased the rate of this phone. It is now available at Rs. 21,499 on the Lenovo’s Official website. If you will buy the same phone from the E-commerce website, Flipkart, it is available there only at Rs. 19,999. Vibe X is available with 5.0 inch IPS and 1920 X 1080 picture resolution, that is capable of playing high-definition video. Screen corning is 3-coated Gorilla Glass that …

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Samsung Galaxy S 5 prime may launch soon

The new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S 5 of the better , more expensive version is launched . According to sources , the phone has been named the Galaxy S 5 prime . It is believed that this phone will come to market soon . Worldwide smartphone with all Bluetooth -to- Bluetooth Saiji the new models of the Samsung SM – G- 6906 -L is approved . According to the website Tekrdar model Galaxy S 5 is prime . Bluetooth Saiji filed the information about the device shows that it would Bututh 4.0 . According to information before I Kyuecdi the …

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Zinc Z605 launch, 7,999 Rs for 6.5-inch display and 3G

Zync Mobile

Zinc has been launched in India the Z605 Fablate (the big screen Smart Phone) price: RS 7,999 is the most typical thing at a price so low 6.5 inch display and 3 g connectivity. The 6.5-inch rejalushan in 800×480 zinc Z605 pixels display is dual-core processor and 512 MB RAM it endured 4.2 runs on the jelly bean. There is 2 megapixels camera on the side of the back and forth hand 0.3 megapixels camera. 4 GB up to 32 GB of storage to 501(c)(3) status and micro-SD card can be detected. Battery 2, 500mAh. According to the company it …

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Samsung Galaxy Grand, Grand 2 and now a new Grand

samsung galaxy grand duos dual sim android smartphone elegant white color

Last year Samsung Galaxy Grand (Samsung Galaxy Grand) was introduced in India. This mid-range phone is extremely popular Encouraged by the success the company launched   the Grand Galaxy 2 in India. But now the company will soon call the Grand Series Grand Neo Galaxy (Galaxy Grand Neo) is planning to launch. According to a personal website published news of the grand Neo will have 5.0 inch display. How ever before grand was the 5.0 inch screen and grand 2 was 5.25 inch screen. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone launched in India it is expected that the phone will be launched …

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Lava 3G 402 + Smartphone Launch

lava 3g 402 mobile

Lava has launched 3G 402 + smartphone. Its price is priced at Rs 6499. This past week, an online shopping site – Pre-Order  was begun in Rs. 5499  . The smartphone dual – SIM supports. It has a 4 inch screen with 800×480 pixels Resolution. It runs on android 4.2.2. 1.2 GHz dual – core processor and 256 MB RAM. The rear camera with flash 3 Megapixel and 1.3 Megapixel . Storej 4 GB and 32 GB of inbuilt micro – SD card can be fitted. lava Iris 506Q  launched at Rs 10,999 is is a 1500 mAh battery. According to the company …

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