October 4, 2023

The threat, issued by Google on Gmail attack warning

The world’s giant IT company Google issued an alert of Government-sponsored attack on Gmail accounts. Many countries keep an eye on the mail accounts and computers of government significant people through internet hacker. It the the first time in India that the danger of such attacks on Gmail and personal computers of corporate, government officials, journalists and leaders is born. Gmail has already started to launch a campaign to save them.
Since Friday morning India’s several Gmail accounts began to get a warning. Such warning is being sending only on sensitive Gmail accounts. It is written that State-sponsored hackers may attack on your e-mail accounts and computer. Such attacks can be done by sending the e-mail attachment or link, that you open the link and computer gets hacked.
Google has advised to avoid opening any suspicious mail or link to avoid such potential danger. Besides many measures are also been suggested to increase the protection for Gmail. To warn against Government-sponsored attacks is the new feature of Google, which would increase awareness in people.
Suggestions from Google: – Do not open any suspicious or unknown mail, link or attachment.
-Use the tips of Google to enhance the security of Gmail accounts.
-Be cautious of fake log-in page.
-Use double password.

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