October 4, 2023
musharraf pakistan
musharraf pakistan

Two Billion Bounty On Musharraf’s Head

The son of late Baloch leader Akbar Khan bugti just doubled the reward for beheaded the former military ruler of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf. Talal Akbar Bugti declared two billion rupees and 200 acres of farming land for Musharraf assassination.

A Baloch leader was murdered in a military campaign during the term of Musharraf. Talal, the fourth son of Akbar Khan had earlier announced 100 billion bucks and 100 acres land to kill Musharraf.

Talal, the chief of the party “Jamhuri Sod” said that crimes against humanity pushed us to put this reward at the head of Musharraf. Talal declared this in a meeting held at the residence of a leader of Pakistan Peoples Party in Rawalpindi.

Musharraf was President and Army Chief, while the military operation was ordered by him in which Baloch leader and his many colleagues was killed. Musharraf is accused in the murder of Bugti and is currently on bail.

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