October 4, 2023

The five economies that are in severe crisis

Fade the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank measures which the country’s economy is now becoming common in the rapidly evolving world of the five largest economies may be difficult for

Morgan Stanley as ” The Fragile Five” ( five weak economies ) has said, it will be in the country when the crisis fades Worst Reserve will stop putting money into the economy .

The five countries are Indonesia , South Africa , Brazil , Turkey and India.

What is similar in these five ? The similarity is that all current account deficit , which measures the difference in business , is too much .

This means that the financing are dependent on the country from abroad .


I’ve noted before, return the book written about them .

In addition, foreign investors are also worried about the political risks because elections are due next year in the five countries . This uncertainty increases .

Perhaps relief to these economies inevitable return of the funds readily available to deal with at some time.


Unlike previous crises , when it had run out of money fast , this time over money ” sudden stop ” feeling .

After five years have passed since the economic crisis began to fade and click Reserve can not put money into the economy forever .

The key question is whether the rest of the world, their economies have had ample time to prepare for the inevitable .

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