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American Government’s halted business, millions of workers sent on leave

The U.S. government is mired in a severe crisis . President Barack Obama and Republican opposition to agree to get the budget approved by the set deadline of 30 September, 12 am is not secured. Because once again, after 17 years in the U.S. ‘ shutdown ‘ has begun . The federal government’s non-essential operations will be closed . Many government offices , museums and national parks would close and because , over seven lakh government employees have been forced to go on leave without pay . President’s Office, White House budget office 10 minutes before midnight office departments started …

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The five economies that are in severe crisis

Fade the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank measures which the country’s economy is now becoming common in the rapidly evolving world of the five largest economies may be difficult for Morgan Stanley as ” The Fragile Five” ( five weak economies ) has said, it will be in the country when the crisis fades Worst Reserve will stop putting money into the economy . The five countries are Indonesia , South Africa , Brazil , Turkey and India. What is similar in these five ? The similarity is that all current account deficit , which measures the difference in business , …

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Mrs. Obama’s info theft by hackers

The U.S. President’s wife Michelle Obama and many other famous people included information . In the U.S. That number is a nine-digit Social Security number , which govern its citizens , permanent residents and temporary releases . Pension holders to use it , are aided to collect information about people , bank account , credit card or borrowing binges and some other works . Journalist Brian Krebs used to address these hackers , who were selling secret information via the Internet .  Celebrities info Click Krebs found that data, companies put a dent in corporate networks, computers, these hackers to …

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Iran will not make nuclear weapons: Hassan ruhani

Hassan ruhani Iranian president said his country will not ever build nuclear weapons . U.S. President Barack Obama in the recent letter sent to them by the positive and constructive ” spiritual ” he said . the appropriate political freedom . ” President ruhani when asked whether Iran will have nuclear weapons, he said that Iran has no intention of doing so . The release of political prisoners Earlier, Iran had released 11 political prisoners . Among those released prominent human rights activist and politician Mohsen Nasrin Aminjhadeh Sotudah included. Ruhani their electoral programs Hassan had promised that he will release …

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This is the world’s most glamorous grandmother, wears Maikromini

Usually, younger, glamorous is understood only young girls but you only can see is wrong because we are the world’s most glamorous grandmother milvane. According to the daily mail news, 75-year-old wears these Granny wears and micro-mini, manchester, and she wears that dress on models ramp moving. Channel 4 film phaibyulas phashnista has worked to bring to the fore six such elderly Today, due to its look in the female gene Woods name. his hair styled in very trendy cut. in addition to the five genes and the elderly are also part of this film.

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