October 4, 2023

World’s fattest man died

Manuel Uribe is that man who was well known in the world because of his voluminous body.

According to the Daily Mail, due to many diseases and obesity, he died at the age of 48 years.

In 2006, his name was added for the most voluminous human in the guinness book of records. At that time his weight was 557 kg.

A time came in the life of Manuel, when he reduced his weight to 392 kg from 557 kg. He reduced it by dieting, exercises and medical care. Then he married to a woman of 38 years.

He never left his bed because of his weight even at the time of his marriage, he was not able to leave the bed.

They have a son after the marriage, but his wife soon divorced him.

He was very alone in his last time. He was totally depended on the family members for all his works.


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