July 8, 2024
Devil Movie Review
Devil Movie Review

Devil Movie Review

Kalyan Ram is currently busy with the success of Bimbisar. Amigos he shouted. And now he once again appeared in front of the audience as a devil. Devil set up, back drop, songs, teaser, trailer, poster all created positive buzz about the film. Let’s take a look at the story of such a devil film.

This story is from around 1945. At that time the British government tried hard to capture Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. At such a time, British agencies came to know that Bose was entering India. They want to catch Bose somehow. At the same time, Vijaya (Abhirami), daughter of a Raspadu zamindar, was murdered in Madras Presidency. The landlord has been arrested for the murder of his daughter. British secret agent Devil (Kalyan Ram) steps in to solve the case. In this case, the landlord’s niece Naishadha (Samyukta Menon) is possessed by the devil. What is the connection between this case and the mission to capture Bose? Who is Subhash Chandra Bose’s right hand man Trivarna in this story? What is the role of Manimekhala (Malavika Nair)? What is the significance of the characters of Samudra (Vashishtha), Shafi (Shafi), Jabardasth Mahesh (Shekhar)? You will have to see it in the theatre.

None of Satan’s tales, stories, anything seems new. But only the setup seems new. Choosing the area of 1945 and turning the story around Subhash Chandra Bose seems new. And the way the story is written, as if the murder is done to add to the crime thriller genre, every point is revealed to the audience to make matters worse.

Even if something is found to engage people, even if there is a story, it does not appear on the screen. Pictures like this are common but should leave viewers holding their breath. But this devil film looks absolutely comfortable. The film is very dull and slow. It seems that the director has completely failed in making it. But now it has to be seen who will take the blame for that failure.

As soon as Abhishek Nama’s name appears on the screen as a director, all fingers point towards him. And if you see the climax of this film, you feel its poor quality. If Kalyan Ram is massacring the British army, our routine has been transformed into a Rodha Kottadu movie. The first part seems somewhat interesting. But it seems the suspense could not be sustained. Songs are like speed breakers.

The twists in the pre-climax and the climax in the second half seem decent. They don’t look very good. And when it comes to the climax, this devil turns into an average Telugu commercial film. Even if you come out without watching the last 20 minutes of the film, it will not make much difference. If you sweep it, it will appear complete. It also feels like a perfectly regular action sequence. Also, the background score of the song in the background makes me laugh. Harshvardhan gave such RR? Thinking

The RR delivery by Harshvardhan in the first half looks amazing. Movie set up, art work, camera work is good. The film looks very rich. Abhishek became a successful producer. But it seems that he was not very successful as a director. Even if you don’t remember the songs, the words are pleasing at some places.

There is nothing special to say about Kalyan Ram’s acting. Looks great in both shades. He acted very well. And everyone knows how Kalyan Ram acts in action sequences. Malavika Nair has good looks and character. Samyukta Menon looks beautiful. Got some priority role. Those who appeared as British officers acted well. Vashishtha, Shafi, Mahesh, comedian Satya, Srikanth Iyengar, Abhirami, Esther all did justice to their roles.

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