May 14, 2024

BMWi-8 arrives in the Middle East

The German car company BMW has finally started the delivery of its most awaited car i8 in Germany.

BMW i-8 is not only the first car of the company also of the world in which there are laser light hand laps. These lights give double light in comparison of the normal LED light.

This car is a hybrid sports car. This car can run 35 kilometers without petrol and electricity. The lithium battery of this car can be charged at home. This car can get charged with the starting of the petrol engine.

The body of the car kept light weight so that it can perform fabulously. For this, the company has given it the design of Aerodynamic.

The exterior of the BMW i-8 is extremely strong and it is prepared from extremely lightweight carbon fiber along with the aluminium. Carbon Fiber is the most lightweight element.

It starts running from the back wheels and its hybrid system potent give drive to the front wheels by an electric motor.

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