July 14, 2024
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Figure was not good

Uk saphlak that a lot of your figure of Essex was tasmin. Baby before was very low size of Brest tamsin. Then he thought maybe some fixes to it after becoming mothers. After a few days, but her mother showdown figure like before.

Too much hassle from their small tasmin Brest size. They also think that the other girls like her good figure. See the beautiful, but it was in her mind that figure because of the attractive. Thinking that your son does not take place anywhere on the public wanted to ply.

Son phinle when two years looking at the other kids got to go hang out in the park or go out for stubbornness. Tamsin is a room with son, where more people are present. Then someone at Brest size range watchword even. TASNEEM had explained to her the boyfriend, but away from the people. This one child the difference that she stayed calm, tamsin also disappointed.

Seeing all his friends from Brest size larger to get surgery. Tamsin has consulted the doctor, it costs around Rs. 4 Lakhs was pointed out. Also the tasmin for loan. Surgery was successful. Tamsin as wanted, they got exactly the same figure.

About tasmin says it now has confidence. He is happy than before and the biggest thing is to take the baby move every day. Over the past few days in child behavior has changed and he began socializing with people.

Tamsin says that one thing and am glad that I like other girls can wear the clothes to figure eksapoj. I now became a good mother. Surgery has changed my life.

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