June 19, 2024

Top 20 health tips for stronger and longer erection

Lasting long in bed is every man’s carnal desire. So how do you increase the size, strength and stamina of your erections? Sexologist, Dr. Deepak .K. Jumani from Mumbai gives out simple health tips that will pump up your sex life and maximise your erection.

1: Eat lots of carb

To have a massive erection for a long time, your body needs good amount of nutrients. Loading your body with carbohydrates is one of the best ways to have sex multiple times with your partner. Thus, choose foods which are rich in carbohydrates like pasta and bread.

2: Change your sex positions

For a firmer and bigger erection, always be on top of your lady. Try out on top sexual positions like the famous missionary or doggy style. These sexual positions will allow more blood to flow to your penis and promise you a strong and hard erection.

3: Zinc is also essential

Consumption of foods rich in zinc will help to produce testosterone, seminal fluid and sperm, which is vital to have a strong and long erection. The best zinc sources are seafood, peas and beans.

4: Have sex more often

The easiest and simple way to have a rock hard erection and boost your testosterone level is by indulging in sex more often.

5: Avoid fatty foods

If you want to make your partner go insane, then stay off fatty meals before sex. Fatty foods and excess fat consumption will lower the testosterone level in the body, which will further decrease your libido, and make erection and ejaculation difficult to occur.

6: Start with foreplay

Most men fail to understand the importance of foreplay. Spending sufficient amount of time with foreplay helps to warm your little shooter before intercourse. Thus, always spend some time in foreplay before thinking about penetration.

7: Improve your eating habits

Stay away from all unhealthy stuff, because they can ruin your blood circulation to the penis, and thus spoil your carnal desires in bed. Also, avoid overeating and eat at least one hour before sex so that you have digested properly and happy on the bed.

8: Avoid risky sex

Involving your penis into risky sex can lead to penile injuries, which can ruin your erection in long run. Thus, always follow safe sex and thrust your penis only when her vagina is well lubricated.

9: Do some exercise

Men who are active tend to have better sex life, because it helps to increase your sex drive, sexual potency, reduces stress and enhances testosterone production in the body. To have a better erection, you can also try penis workout like the famous kegel exercise.

10: Avoid tight undergarments

If you love tight outfits, then throw them away for the love of good sex life. Wearing tight underwear or tight garments can reduce the blood flow towards the penile tissues, which can hamper your erection. Thus, choose loose or airy undergarments always.

11: Quit smoking

Smoking is a leading cause of impotency among men. Men who smoke tend to have a smaller penis. In addition, excessive smoking also causes blood vessels damage, penis tissue damage, which can prevent your penis from having a strong and long erection.

12: Don’t masturbate much

Excessive masturbation can ruin your real life sex, by blessing you with weaker erections and ejaculations. Besides, it will also decrease your sexual hunger, which will make erection even more difficult.

13: Make your diet fruits and vegetables friendly

To have a rock hard penis during intercourse you need to load up your diet with every fruit and vegetable present. Eating loads of fruits and vegetables will help to reduce the presence of cholesterol in your bloodstream, which will enhance the blood flow in your body and fill up the blood vessels in your penis, to give you a strong erection.

14: Sleep well

Adequate sleep is vital for a man’s sexual potency. Thus, try to get at least seven hours of sleep daily, this will prevent hormone disruptions, which helps to regulate your sex drive. It will also help to get sufficient blood to your penis, which will help you to get a good erection.

15: Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight or obese can put you at various health risk like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. These diseases in turn can damage your nerves and blood vessels all throughout your body, leading to erectile dysfunction, horrible penetration or erection.

16: Practice meditation

Practicing breathing exercise or meditation every morning will help to increase the oxygen level in your blood flow. Besides, it will also help to lower down your stress level and thus bless you with good erection between the sheets.

17: Avoid drinking

If you are an alcohol addict, then quit it because excessive drinking can affect your sexual life. Alcohol consumption can numb your body, due to ineffective blood flow, causing erectile dysfunction in the long run.

18: Switch to green tea

Consuming green tea regularly will help you to have along erection because, it is loaded in antioxidants which helps to destroy free radicals in your body. Besides, it also helps in improving your blood flow towards the penis.

19: Reduce stress

Excessive stress can increase the level of adrenaline hormone in your body, which can contract your blood vessels. This can hamper your erection. Thus, avoid stress as far as possible to have a good sex life.

20: Eat dark chocolates

The flavanoids present in dark chocolate release some chemicals, helps to increase the blood flow to the penis. For added benefits and hard rock erection, choose dark chocolates with low level of sugar and high level of cocoa.   [By Times Of India]

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