May 19, 2024
Smart Phone
Smart Phone

Smartphones, that have just got a price down

When a new Smartphone launches in an Indian market, then the effect of that phone also shown on the price of the existing Smartphones. Every day, there is the news of some new phone launch. The prices of old phone fall after the launch of new phone.

Here the name of some Smartphones is given and the prices of them are reduced by the company itself or E-commerce websites are selling them on low price. Know here the name of the phones whose prices are reduced.

Samsung galaxy S5 – The price of this mobile at the time of launch in India was Rs. 51,500, that reached to Rs. 46000 shortly. Now, at Flipkart, it is available at the price of Rs. 40,990 and at Snapdeal its price is Rs. 40,011. Its price at Amazon is Rs. 39,990.

Lenovo Vibe X –Mobile company Lenovo had launched its midrange Smartphone ‘Vibe X’ in December 2013. At that time, the company decided the price of this phone Rs. 25,999. Now at the company’s website, its price is Rs. 21,499 and it is available at Rs. 19,999 at Flipkart.

Nokia Lumia 1020 – When launched the price of this phone was Rs, 49,999 but now its price is only Rs. 35, 500 at online stores.

Nokia X- Nokia X was the first Android phone launched by Nokia. Its price was Rs. 8,559 at the time of launch, but it is now available at Rs. 6,5000.

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