May 19, 2024
ali bhatt
ali bhatt

Alia Bhatt opens up about Mahesh Bhatt alcohol addiction

Alia Bhatt as of late gotten serious about her dad Mahesh Bhatt’s liquor habit in a meeting with Elle magazine. She said that he had a lot of failures at one guide and was battling with an enslavement toward liquor. She likewise said that he at last quit any pretense of drinking, yet that it was a troublesome time for the family.

Alia said that her folks attempted to reach a place where she could partake in their honor. She added that she is appreciative for her chances and that she realizes she wouldn’t have them in the event that her folks hadn’t buckled down.

Alia’s genuineness about her dad’s habit is invigorating and motivating. It shows that she is major areas of strength for a free lady who won’t hesitate to express her genuine thoughts. It likewise shows that she has a profound love and regard for her folks, in spite of their difficulties.

I trust that Alia’s story will motivate others to get serious about their own battles with habit or other psychological well-being issues. It is vital to recall that we are in good company and that there is help accessible.

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