July 21, 2024
Covid 19 India

India left Britain behind in terms of number of infected

The Government of India has given relief in the lockdown recently. Shop-markets and religious places have been opened here from 8 June. Since then, the country is seeing an increase in cases of corona infection. Experts believe that Corona’s peak has not come here yet.

According to Johns Hopkins University, where on June 8, India was at number five in the list of worst affected countries in the world with 257,486 cases of corona infection. At the same time, on 12 June, he overtook Britain and came at number four in this list.

Corona infection cases have increased to 75.70 lakhs worldwide. At the same time, 4.22 lakh people have died due to this. Most cases of corona infection are in the United States. Here, 20.31 lakh people are vulnerable to this virus while more than 1.14 lakh people have died.

After America, the worst cases of infection in Corona after Brazil have crossed the 8 lakh mark while 40.919 people have died due to this virus.

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