May 19, 2024

IM explosive targets met 90 Ready to Use

17 days after the arrest of Indian Mujahideen kingpin Yasin Bhatkal intelligence agencies is a big success . According to sources, the Indian Mujahideen bases agencies have recovered 90 explosives , which were ready -to -use . Intelligence agencies may be in recovery of explosives .

Indian Mujahideen IED Mangalore and Hyderabad are found close to 90 bases , which were ready to bang hard . This shows that the terrorists had intended to shake up the country . A Offishall said no explosives were added to the circuit , the rest they were very ready to bang . Akhtar alias Yasin and his decent Asdulla these explosives plant was to be at the behest of the bone .

Agencies from terrorist bases timers , batteries , detonators and sharp objects are received . At first glance looks that are full of IED ammonium Naitred . They have been sent for tests . Bhatkal special responsibility to handle explosives, supposedly possessed Tahseen and development . Development in August after the arrest of fellow underground explosives were left flat except for granted .
Bhatkal police have been cooperating in the investigation . He revealed that all these explosives expert Pakistani bomb development, Tabrez ( aka Asdulla bone ) and is designed with Tahseen Akhtar alias Monu . These explosives were involved in preparing itself for 2011 .

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