April 12, 2024

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the combination of commands that can perform any specific task in less time and with less energy.
This is the era of competition .We have lots of task to be done in no a single day. If some tool can help us in performing our task in quicker and easier way , than why not.
Here comes the keyboard shortcuts .Many of these may be already known to you, but some of them may be new for you.
Why not check how many of these you knew.
• Copy control +c
• Paste. Control +v
• Print. Control+p
• Select. Control +a
• Quit. Control +f4
• Help. F1
• Search. Control +f
• Switch program. Alt + tab
• New tab. Control +t
• Zoom in. Control +
• Zoom in control_
• Reopen closed tab. Control + shift -t
• Clear cookies and cache. Control + shift + delete
• Bookmark any site. Control+d
• Bold. control +b
• Italics. Control +I
• Underline. Control + u
• Center text control + e
• Left align. Control +l
• Right align control +
• New document. Control +o
• Cut. Control +x
• Hyperlink creation. Control +k
• Refresh. Control+r

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