July 14, 2024
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Sunny Leone did not give topless scene

Maybe you do not believe , but to be sure . Sunny Leone topless scene in a movie has to be ruled out . Sunny and in the U.S. it is now known for Adult movies , but here he has refused to give topless .

Sunny ‘s upcoming horror movie when the director told the demand scenario in Story , Sunny said he can not do so . In this scene, her bare breast to cover them by hand , but did not feel Sunny Kanfrtebl in it . Even Sunny Adwais that it is to wear the bikini top . It will also make it shoot well and will have Kanfrtebl . Well , well, it was agreed that the linen and the demand to do so was the film director .

According to sources , the course has been wearing linen at the top , but the technique has been used to change it . Computer graphics have been removed and replaced with a linen through a film of the paste has been shot , naked part of which is shown above .

Sunny , with a sheer bluff you have it ! It would be nice if you could shoot the move. People will believe that you have to shoot the scene is.

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