April 14, 2024

Facebook’s new feature to ask the friend private question

Facebook ‘Ask’ Button

Facebook is regularly surprising its users with the new features. Facebook has now a new feature.

Facebook ‘Ask’ button is created under this feature that is visible in front of the relationship, work and home town status. If user has not updated these status, then this feature will not be shown.

This feature is for those people who have not updated their relationship status. This button is for the visitors. It is not visible to the people who has the profile.

You can send the user a message by clicking on the ‘Ask’ button. You can ask them about their relationship status. For example – You are single or married? Or Not in any relationship? When you click on this button, a personal message will reach to that Facebook user directly.

Then the message owner will get the request to list his relationship status. If you want, you can update, because your status will be remain private. It is visible to the people only who has asked this to you.

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