May 15, 2024

I Have been sleeping with men 10,000

I have been sleeping with more than 10,000 men. Our careers peak time I spend time with a male to take 60 thousand bucks every hour. The whole night Lakhs. Bungalow, expensive car and addiction became my life. Glamour and sex world overwhelmed me.

It’s a famous sex worker Australia revealing geneth man enegro, into a book. His sex life is written in this book full of experience.

Geneth montenegro has disclosed in his book that when he was 19, then a rep Club gang. That event changed his life completely. To have it in their minds that he began the work of sex workers. However, he pointed out that the main reason behind it was the lure of money.

Geneth montenegro has made it clear that initially they spend time with a new male is very odd. But within 2 to 3 years he totally prapheshnal. He earned a lot of money from this work. He narmali up to 60 thousand bucks an hour to charge. Overnight become millions of bucks.

Sex and glamour additives geneth montenegro had climbed. Club, bar, sex party, expensive car and intoxication were overtaking them. Montenegro has spent almost 15 years in the sex industry.

Geneth leaving sex workers now work in bijnas and his name is famous in Australia. Geneth says that this work even after she felt extremely family Association. He spent a large chunk of money earned family.

Geneth pointed out that his life many times very bad time. Some experience with bad men, but only 15 years removed.

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