May 19, 2024

What is the status of Kavach installations? | Explained 

Kavach is a native Programmed Train Assurance (ATP) framework created by the Exploration Plans and Principles Association (RDSO) of Indian Rail routes. It is intended to forestall train mishaps brought about by overshooting signs or impacts.

Kavach Programmed Train Security (ATP) framework
The main period of Kavach execution was finished in 2022 on a 1,455-kilometer stretch of South Focal Rail route. The framework has been functional on this course from that point forward and has forestalled a few expected mishaps.

The second period of Kavach execution is in progress on a 3,000-kilometer stretch of track, including the New Delhi-Howrah and New Delhi-Mumbai segments. The objective fulfillment date for this stage is Walk 2024.

When the subsequent stage is finished, Kavach will be introduced on a sum of 4,455 kilometers of track. This will cover around 10% of the complete course length of Indian Railroads.

The Indian government has plans to stretch out Kavach to the whole organization of Indian Railroads from now on. Be that as it may, there is no timetable for this yet.

Here is a table summing up the situation with Kavach establishments:

Phase Route length Status
1 1,455 kilometers Operational
2 3,000 kilometers Underway
Total 4,455 kilometers Operational and under development
Kavach is a critical step in the right direction in working on the security of Indian Railroads. It is a mind boggling and costly framework to execute, however it can possibly save many lives.

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