May 12, 2024
Leo box office collection
Leo box office collection

Leo box office collection

Leo film industry assortment as of October 25, 2023:

India: ₹248 crore
Abroad: ₹252 crore
Around the world: ₹500 crore
Leo has surpassed assumptions in the cinematic world, netting over ₹500 crore overall in only six days. It is the quickest Tamil film to arrive at this achievement, and it is additionally the most elevated earning Tamil film of the year up to this point.

Leo has performed especially well in the abroad market, where it has netted over ₹250 crore. This is a demonstration of the film’s worldwide allure, and it shows that Thalapathy Vijay is a hotshot both in India and abroad.

Leo is supposed to proceed with major areas of strength for its in the cinematic world before very long. It is probably going to turn into the most noteworthy earning Tamil film ever, and it might actually break the record for the most noteworthy netting Indian film ever.

Here is a breakdown of Leo’s film industry assortment by day:

Day India Overseas Worldwide
1 ₹64 crore ₹35 crore ₹99 crore
2 ₹35 crore ₹36 crore ₹71 crore
3 ₹39 crore ₹37 crore ₹76 crore
4 ₹41 crore ₹38 crore ₹79 crore
5 ₹35 crore ₹39 crore ₹74 crore
6 ₹31 crore ₹40 crore ₹71 crore
Complete: ₹248 crore | ₹252 crore | ₹500 crore

Kindly note that these figures are gauges, and the real film industry assortment might shift.

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