May 20, 2024
iphone 15
iphone 15

Apple acknowledge Iphone 15 heating issue

Apple has recognized the warming issue with the iPhone 15 Genius and iPhone 15 Master Max models. In a proclamation to Forbes, Apple said that the issue is brought about by a product bug and by some outsider applications that are over-burdening the framework. The organization said that it is chipping away at a product update to fix the bug and that it is working with application designers to resolve the issue with outsider applications.

Apple likewise said that the new titanium body plan of the iPhone 15 Master and iPhone 15 Star Max models isn’t adding to the warming issue. The organization said that the titanium outline is greater at disseminating heat than the treated steel outline utilized on past models.

Apple has not yet given a particular course of events to the arrival of the product update to fix the warming issue. Notwithstanding, the organization has said that it is dealing with on the problem as fundamentally important.

Meanwhile, Apple has encouraged clients to find the accompanying ways to diminish how much intensity created by their iPhone 15 Master or iPhone 15 Expert Max:

Try not to involve the gadget in direct daylight or in hot conditions.
Close any applications that you are not utilizing.
Try not to utilize the gadget while it is charging.
Restart the gadget routinely.
On the off chance that you are encountering over the top warming on your iPhone 15 Star or iPhone 15 Genius Max, you can contact Apple Backing for additional help

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