May 19, 2024

Your phone will tell the location of the thief along with his photo

If your Smartphone is stolen, then you don’t have to struggle much to find the thief. Yes, because your Smartphone can do it and find the thief itself.


Mobile security company Lookout covers a feature in mobile security app through which your Smartphone can send you a picture of the thief by clicking the picture.


If someone will try to unlock the screen of the stolen Smartphone, try to switch off the phone, try to turn off the network, or remove the SIM card or try to put the phone in the airplane mode, then the phone will send the theft alert. The owner of the phone will get an email in which the location of the thief is mentioned along with the photo.

The charge of the premium version of this Lookout’s phone is 3 dollars per month or 30 dollars per year. You can download the free version from the Google play also.

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