July 13, 2024
crime in up
crime in up

A student thrown in front of a train in protest against harassment, one hand and both legs severed, two arrested in Uttar Pradesh

A shocking incident has occurred in Bareilly. In protest against harassment, two assailants threw a female student in front of a train, resulting in the severing of one hand and both legs. The police have arrested two suspects in the case. Chief Minister Yogi has also shown determination in this matter. The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) has suspended three police personnel, including the Inspector of the police station.

This incident took place in the Seebganj area of Bareilly. The student, who was returning home from coaching classes after protesting against harassment, was thrown in front of a train by two assailants. As a result, one hand and both legs were severed, and several bones were broken. The condition of the student, who is currently hospitalized, is critical.

Officers visited the hospital to speak with the victim’s family and doctors on Wednesday morning. The Seebganj Inspector, along with the Halka in-charge and two constables, has been suspended, and orders for a departmental inquiry have been issued.

In this case, the SSP has suspended three police personnel, including the Inspector of the police station. The police have arrested the accused youth and his father. Additionally, the government has provided financial assistance of five lakh rupees to the victim’s family.

The student, who was involved in this incident, belongs to a backward caste family and has connections with the village head, who is her aunt. The village resident had been harassing her for the past two months, often with his friends, during her commutes. Several people, including the student, complained to her family about the harassment.

The initial response from the student’s family was to avoid making complaints due to the aunt’s position as the village head. However, when the harassment escalated to the point where water was poured over her, the family decided to file a complaint against the assailant’s family. They did not receive much attention from the police when they filed the complaint in the Seebganj police station.

As a result, the student is now struggling for her life, and her family regrets not reporting the issue to authorities in a timely manner. The student’s uncle, who is also her lawyer, mentioned that they had no idea such an incident would occur.

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