July 21, 2024


National Crime news

Umar Khalid

umer khalid

Umar Khalid is a previous understudy pioneer and extremist from India. He was brought into the world on 11 August 1987 in Jamia Nagar, Delhi. He learned at the Jawaharlal Nehru College (JNU) in Delhi, where he was the leader of the JNU Understudies’ Association from 2014 to 2015. Umar Khalid Khalid is a pundit of the Indian government’s strategies, especially its treatment of the Kashmir struggle and the Citizenship Correction Act. He has been captured a few times for his activism, and is presently having to deal with penalties under the Unlawful Exercises Counteraction Act (UAPA), a severe enemy …

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Ujjain case

Ujjain case

The Ujjain case alludes to the assault and attack of a 12-year-old young lady in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India, on September 27, 2023. The young lady was tracked down lying in an oblivious state in a pool of blood before an Ashram in Barnagar. She had been ruthlessly beaten and assaulted. The police captured an auto cart driver, Bharat Soni, regarding the case. Soni purportedly got the young lady from her town and took her to a confined spot, where he assaulted and beat her. He then left her for dead. The young lady was taken to a clinic in …

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Tradition of bad words

Feared Woman

Using abusive language is generally considered inappropriate at any age. Abusive language includes derogatory slurs, offensive words, and insults that target individuals or groups based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other characteristic. Such language is disrespectful, hurtful, and can contribute to a toxic and hostile environment. In most cultures and societies, there are social norms and expectations regarding language use, including the use of respectful and appropriate language. Teaching children from an early age about respectful communication and the impact of words on others is crucial in fostering empathy and promoting positive interactions. It’s important for …

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Why Preity Zinta wants to go Abroad

preity zinta

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta who has lodged a molestation complaint against her ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia wants to go abroad. She met with the police commissioner Rakesh Maria for taking the permission for this. After that, she got the permission for this immediately. 39 years, actress also gave some more information about the complaint she filed against Wadia. Police Commissioner Maria said that Preity Zinta wants to go abroad for some of her work. She has got the permission for this. She has been going abroad for some time. He pointed out that Preity has given some information regarding the molestation …

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Zero tolerance Law for Crime against women

India's President Pranab Mukherjee (l) greets the new prime minister, Narendra Modi

The promise to empower half the population is the pledge of Modi Government and the President gave the sign of completing this promise in the next five years. President, Pranab Mukherjee said that the government is committed to provide the 33 percent reservation to women in Parliament and State Assemblies. At the same time, there is also the planning to save the girls and to start the education campaign. The President said that if anyone do violence against the women, it is not tolerable. There is the adoption of zero tolerance policy for this. He also said to strengthen the …

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Ransomware Android Virus Attack

A virus is detected, that possessed on the devices of the Android and cannot leave, until get the ransom. A security firm Eset has confirmed the first case of Ransomware Virus that encrypted the files on the Android device and then lock it. According to the information of Eset, Trozan that is said to be a Simplelocker, target the SD card of tablet and handset and demanded the money to decrypt the file. A message seeking money is in Russian language and payment amount sought in Ukrainian currency. An expert noted that the risk was significant, but limited. Dr Steven …

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Driving License can be cancelled on breaking the traffic rules

driving license

If you will be crossing the red light three times, your driving license can be cancelled. After the death of Union Minister Gopinath Munde in a road accident, Modi Government is engaged in making the road traffic safe. Road Transport and Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari directed to replace older motor vehicle law and to make the effective traffic rules within a month. There are heavy fines, cancellation of the driving license and provision of strict punishment for violating the traffic rules. Nitin Gadkari said that the people have neither fear, nor respect in their mind for the current traffic laws. …

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477 people died daily in road accident in India

A big debate has been sparked again after the death of Central Rural Development Minister Gopinath Munde in a road accident. According to the latest data on road transport and Highway Ministry, more that 1 Lakh and 37 thousand people died in the road accident every year. Means that 477 people lost their lives in the road accident every day. Besides these, neither Government not the citizens of India are taking any precaution for the safety purpose. Road Transport specialist S P Singh said that the whole country is in shock because of the death of Gopinath Munde in a …

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Mayawati attacks Akhilesh Government on electricity & Law and order

Miss Mayawati

Miss  Mayawati attacks on Akhilesh Government in UP who is severely walled because of worst law & order and electricity. Miss Mayawati raised the issue of killing and rape of two minor sisters in Badayun, she said that there should CBI investigation for this. She also demanded the President’s rule in the state. She said that Akhikesh Yadav is only providing electricity in the areas where his family members are residing and not giving sufficient electricity to other cities. Significantly, after two sisters rape in Badayun, they were murdered. BSP Supremo targeted the Akhilesh Government on Friday in her Press …

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Want to open the hospital in prison, Talwars

The accused of the nation’s largest murder mystery case ‘arushi-hemraj murder’ are presently lodged in dasna jail for the imprisonment sentence for the murder of their daughter Arushi Talwar and servent Hemraj. The couple expressed the desire to open a Dental Hospital in the remembrance of their daughter Aarushi in the Dasna jail. In a letter to the prison administration they demanded three hundred square meters Hall to open the hospital. The couple is ready to bear 70 million rupees expenditure on hospital. As well as medicines and other expenses of the hospital will be beard by the Talwars. Talwars …

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