April 16, 2024
Jagendra Singh
Jagendra Singh

Journalist dies after being burnt alive for reporting against UP minister

Uttar Pradesh backward classes Welfare Minister Ramamurthy Verma, Jagendra Singh journalist of writing against shahjahanpur died. Jagendra, rammamurti and unrepentant of their operatives were reporting, after which they alleged had been delivered from the fire.

Jagendra Singh wrote in the newspaper that the Socialist Party MLAs and up for welfare of backward classes Minister ramamurthy Verma from his operatives to help deeds such as illegal land grab are engaged in illegal mining. He posted against ramamurthy also on Facebook. That this angry legislator has jagendra “entrapment in bogus cases try. Jagendra robbing, kidnapping and killing against the attempt of the case was provided.

Eyewitnesses and relatives claim that is responsible for the death of police jagendra Singh, because he had tried to burn alive the same.Police allege that on June 1 jagendra at home after you put gasoline marpit dabish and fire them.

These charges but police say he is a jagendra House in connection with the case, but he was terminally ill. Shahjahanpur has SP says, “jagendra Singh was arrested in a case. We went to arrest him, but he set fire to himself.

Badly scorched jagendra was taken to hospital, but the shahjahanpur seriously to refer them in Lucknow. Here his status improved and akhikar they own.

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