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UPSC changes pattern, to opt for shorter answers

The Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) has changed the answering pattern in its exam, with students now having to write in a consolidated question paper-cum-answer book.

Instructions would ask candidates to write the answers only in the pre-defined areas below each part/sub part of the questions. Students are being told that ‘any attempt outside the pre-defined space shall not be evaluated’.

“This is a major departure from the conventional free answer type of essay writing which was being followed for the longest time. The new pattern will help people from technical backgrounds as they are used to a point-wise presentation,” said Gopala Krishna, director of BrainTree, an institution which trains candidates for the UPSC exams.

“The UPSC seems to have borrowed from the USA model which follows the short answer type of questions in its recruitment. This would benefit many who did not have the need to hone their English skills due to their choice of technical subjects in graduation,” he added.

The new pattern would also mean that students will not be allowed to take home the question paper. The UPSC will, however, provide the question paper after the examination is over.

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