June 21, 2024

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Movie Review: Rajjo

Nearly two weeks ago, Kangna krrish 3  Kaya character with some fixed on the screen that the audience best film Super Hero  krrish and Kaya do some similar kangna appeared on screen this Friday also failed to elicit Rajjo. This film besides Kangna, Mahesh Manjrekar Prakash Raaj, and  other actors’s , Jaya provides stars, but the movie’s lead role of Kangna was some Rajjo displayed that you missed out of the Hall. The script’s flaws as well as the film’s finest acting of kangna biggest USP. last few long considered fast in the country in an age of the silver screen multiplex …

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Krrish 3 best collection of First Day

Hrithik Roshan’s  ‘Krrish 3’, where the producer and film from the first day of collection of the best smiles came Starkast. However, the ticket has shocked people who wish to earn big bucks by Black. If sources are to be believed, then overnight wanting to earn huge profits by adding large amounts of money have black book tickets in advance to those First Day of Delhi – UP, and the East hefty amount of the Punjab, have lost mostly single screens theaters. Indeed , the great craze in the audience for the film and cash in a bid to double …

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Been a challenging film ‘Krrish 3’: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut says that his forthcoming film ‘ Krrish 3’ His character was physically challenging . There are many action scenes in the film Kangana . Kangana said , it was a bit difficult because it was a big challenge for me physically . The action scenes were not real , but it was extremely difficult and that a normal person can not do it . He called the fight scenes were director of China to direct the action scenes were quite difficult . Anyways, I had to learn quite a few new to the film . According to me, …

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I am the heroine of ‘Krrish -3’: Priyanka Chopra

Actress Priyanka Chopra emphasizes the fact that the ‘ Krrish -3’  are the same heroine . Film actress Kangana Ranaut are among them . Kangana initially turned down the film because he was worried about appearing on screen with Priyanka . Before Jacqueline Fernandes , Chitrangada Singh had also refused to film for the same reasons . Priyanka said in interviews , many girls had refused to play that role . This was really stupid , because the role is very great . I am the heroine of the film . I am playing in the film, Hrithik’s wife . …

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Microsoft released ‘Krrish 3’ in the Free Offishall Game

Microsoft launched ‘ Krrish 3’ Offishall the game for next month  release  Hrithik Roshan movie Krrish 3 . It ‘s Free Game for Windows smartphones and laptops . Microsoft said that this game was developed jointly by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment and Gemshastr . The company said , ” Krrish 3 , the action in the game , many Karctors , using numerous weapons and has excellent graphics . ” Windows Store for Windows smartphone from the game can be downloaded immediately , for use on the tablet and the computer will be complete by the end of this week . Mumbai …

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Krrish -3 song Dil Tu Hi Bata Kangana in – Hrithik’s hot chemistry

The film ‘Krrish’ -3 ‘song’ Dil Tu Hi Bata ‘Hrithik Roshan and Kangana in hot chemistry will see. Filmed between romantic song was shot in Jordan. But it seems more beautiful song, hidden behind her much pain. The romantic track has been shot in Jordan. Some of the crew to shoot the song was rendered difficult. Crew would take hours to reach locations and at times had to sand storm. Tech during the shooting near the Dead Sea before everyone had to sprinkle them on themselves because there thousands Repellent Insect pests – were moths that were causing problems. These insects – …

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