July 9, 2024

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Rahul’s attack on the government on the rising cases of Corona, said – PM surrenders

Rahul attack government

Corona virus cases are continuously increasing in the country. On Friday, more than 18 thousand new cases were registered across the country. The country’s main opposition party has targeted the government for this. On Saturday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister is silent and has surrendered. Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Covid-19 is spreading rapidly in new parts of the country. The Government of India has no plans to defeat him. The Prime Minister is silent. They have surrendered and are refusing to fight against the epidemic. ”The Congress president’s statement comes at a time when the corona infection …

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And then Modi shakes hand with Rahul Gandhi

There are many unique views seen in the central hall of Parliament during the  President’s address on Monday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi came forward and shakes hand with Rahul Gandhi and the Vice President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi has faced a problem in finding his seat before the address of the President. During this, more than 4 dozen MP is left standing due to the lack of the seats to hear the President. Some MPs go back in mid of the President’s address, whereas some attended this till the end. Sushma Swarak sat unknowingly at the place of the prime …

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Congress MLA speaks against Rahul Gandhi

One of the ministers of Congress speaks against the Rahul Gandhi. The Congress minister of Rajasthan, Bhanwar Lal Sharma attacked on Rahul Gandhi and said that he is the MD of the team of jokers. Sharma imposed to give the command of the party in the hands of the senior leader. This is the second attack on Rahul in last three days. Before this, the Kerala Congress minister, the former minister, T.H. Mustafa also said him joker. Mustafa had to pay for this. The congress did this minister out from the party. What will happen with Sharma, it is not …

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I am ready for Prime Minister, if elected by MPs. Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has said that winning the next election if the party MPs elect him then he is ready to become the prime minister. Rahul said that he himself do not want to present himself as the candidate for prime minister because it would be unconstitutional and Congress usually does not announce the Prime Ministerial candidate. During his Ranchi trip while speaking to a group of minorities, Rahul said Congress thinking about minority is quite evident today that the country’s most powerful post of Prime Minister is occupied by none other than but a minority man Manmohan Singh. …

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Congresses leaders’s appeal, no Rahul please!

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi ‘s star waned in Dakshinpuri rally and assembly election candidates from the party leader can have . They took their top leaders to urge their leaders to rally around a not to be routed . Candidates are beginning to panic in these crowded congregations elect them in distress may have considerable difficulty . Congress is worried that Gandhi and other leaders of the BJP’s star campaigner Narendra Modi will be rallies , discussions will strengthen against the party . Congress has not maintained a public meeting in the capital, Rahul Gandhi, but the party was exploring …

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What the Future Ordinance?

Ordinance concerning the Criminal background leaders   Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s statement after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, reacting to the heat and dust uproar made it clear that the issue would not arise a question of giving resignation.  He has said that he will communicate with Rahul Gandhi and Cabinet, the core group will have second thoughts and actions whatever objections. Manmohan Singh also said that democracy is the right to object after the decision . I think it is clear that the ordinance will be withdrawn . We should not forget that the Congress, BJP vice-president Rahul Gandhi while the ordinance …

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