June 19, 2024

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What the Future Ordinance?

Ordinance concerning the Criminal background leaders   Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s statement after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, reacting to the heat and dust uproar made it clear that the issue would not arise a question of giving resignation.  He has said that he will communicate with Rahul Gandhi and Cabinet, the core group will have second thoughts and actions whatever objections. Manmohan Singh also said that democracy is the right to object after the decision . I think it is clear that the ordinance will be withdrawn . We should not forget that the Congress, BJP vice-president Rahul Gandhi while the ordinance …

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Deal with shared ferocity strictly, PM says states

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday requested parties to renounce from taking benefit out of shared conflict and said states should restriction on components blowing such forcefulness regardless of their governmental associations or effect. Emphasizing that the onus for preventing communal violence lies with the states, he said effective steps should be taken by the administration to ensure that small issues don’t snowball into a big controversy. “The state government should lose no time to control communal violence sternly. The local administration should prevent a small issue from snowballing into a huge controversy and arrest those responsible for spreading it,” …

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