December 5, 2023
sunny leone
sunny leone

Sunny Leone does not want to do these five things

Sunny Leone are now hiding of the past. What she wants to take a break from the old days and the old image ? Sources close to the same are claimed .Indian origin American former porn star before appearing on the reality TV show was known only to the few .

But gradually began to recognize her in India . Some opposition , but most have liked . That led to the Bhatt camp’s ‘ Jism 2’ movie was like . There were so many scenes in the film , as was the image of linen .

Sunny redeemed by the popularity of the Bhatt camp and the people wanted to do . But the new Sunny learned from experience and are willing to work on the terms of the manufacturers .
According to sources, Sunny now do not want to be cashed her porn star image on the screen . She established herself as a heroine are trying to see family members can sit together .
That’s why those producers – directors are returned from the door Exposure rolls are offering them . Well being released on Friday, the ‘ jackpot ‘ in the ‘ hot ‘ scenes are hot news , Sunny ‘re concerned about your image .

Sunny Leone did not  give topless scene 

Identified changing clothes

It ‘s true . Whether ‘ Jackpot ‘ is the chance to release the trailer or music or some parties . They are dressed in linen who are totally different from his image . He left to wear skirts . These days, getting out of the dresses are long legs .
According to those close to the body the porn star Sunny showing now does not intend to move forward . He wants to show his acting talent on screen . The difficulty is that Sunny is thinking way , the producer – director not think so . ‘ Jackpot ‘ Sunny after next year ‘s forthcoming film ‘ Ragini MMS -2’ from the point of not revealing his producer Ekta Kapoor got angry .

Sunny Leone’s bold look in her new movie Jackpot’s  trailer

Inattention in bold scene

Sources Sunny refusing to film certain scenes and the director was upset . When he finally reached the point Unity Sunny reminded that they have signed an agreement for the film , it was agreed to visual stimuli . Sunny had to surrender to the matter of unity .
The linen change its image must have a job . He ‘ Shootout at Wadala ‘ and ‘ Laila ‘ item after the dance started to turn down such offers . Given his image of Sunny last year , according to those close to him were several proposals , but Sunny has refused him .

No problems with Porn star image : Sunny Leone

Husband want to change , mostly sunny

Notably, the linen changing the image of the American porn star ‘s husband Daniel has also received support . Sunny Daniels also want to be successful in Bollywood . Though Hindi films , he is now slowly trying to build a career .
‘ Jackpot ‘, Naseeruddin Shah and Sunil Joshi audience Sunny , with a small but crucial role of the husband see. Sunny Leoni past few months in Mumbai are looking for a house , but the difficulty is that many societies have rejected their proposals .
That is, the image of her porn star . People do not want their neighbor porn star . Sunny hopes that if he could change his image and become part of a film that could be seen with the family , the residential societies will welcome them . Be interesting to see what will really happen .

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