Mortal thoughts of Chanakya

  • Age, deeds, property, education and death are the five things which are fixed when man is in the womb.
  • Wicked man and thorn both are the two ways of retribution. Either use shoes for them or discard them from far away.
  • Tree grown by humans in the form of crime we get the fruits of poverty, disease, suffering, imprisonment, addiction only.
  • Water in oil, a secret with a evil man, even small but deserving charities and small weapon with intelligent man spread quickly from the effects of being eligible.
  • He whose heart is dissolved with the grace of pity then he has no need of salvation knowledge, Bhasmlepan or jhatadhaaran.
  • A man would never like to do any bad if he feels the same what he feels at the time of repentance after doing any bad deed.
  • The one who is virtuous, his life is successful. The saint, his birth is worthwhile. In contrast, life devoid of virtue and religion is vain.