December 8, 2023

Online Medical Service launched

The merits of the Li-tech and Mobile are already pretty long. Now another merit is also added, that is the service of online doctors.

The need of more sustainable health systems around the world is growing pretty fast.

Health systems need more sustainable around the world is growing pretty fast.

In developed countries, the expenses made on the older population has exceeded all limits of costs whereas in the developing country, the lack of resources become the risk for the health of billions of people.

If do the assessment at the global level, then healthy living cost is assessed 6.5 trillion dollars annually.

The technical companies and many experts believe that the Telehealth and mobile technique is proving to be a boon for the health of the people.

The Advisory institution PWC believe that if there is more use of Mobile health or M-health, the European Union will save 99 billion dollars by 2017.

It was also said in the report that if more that 2.40 Crores can be cured by efficiently using the techniques.

Steven Dodsworth, of the advisory organization ‘D health’ said that the Smart phones, gadgets and Apps that can take and keep the record of exercise level, heart rate and burned calorie are getting more popular now.

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