How to use legs during sex

You may not know it, but every part of our body during sex helps to increase our pleasure. Our legs are somewhat similar. Legs to good use during sex can multiply our pleasure.

Take feet

If your partner over your legs drawn to his chest. By doing this you greatly and will feature both during those special moments will enjoy more.

Get one leg up
Sex in the missionary pose Bring your knees towards your chest. This will lead you to your partner – will be multiplied Chances to hit the spot.

Legs thighs around
Stand – Stand sex may occasionally gives Injoyment, but we know how difficult it is. If this position was using his thighs to his legs around matted bike and enjoy a beautiful feeling.

Rise and Shine
It’s easy and fun position. Just lie down flat on your back and as soon as he entered inside you are up, and take your feet on the other side of him. This way you can guide them.

Use your thighs
After all, who would refuse to strip clubs? Guys go crazy for this position. Just a chair both face – to – face sit down, and let your hand rest on the back of a chair. Then let them get into your legs completely and do an amazing feeling.

Spread the legs
Yes, during sex, you have to spread your legs, but have you ever done so during the doggie position to try? The next time you want to try when you are in this position and spread your legs slightly Please collect

Gesture feet
The emergence, spread your legs even a simple little thing they can do quite Attract. It may be the best way to invite them. When you are looking at the movement of your feet so you can easily pull them to your side.

Use sexy stockings
See their amazing sexy stockings on her feet and kept back. When she looks at you, his heart yearned to take off your stockings would remain this way.

Butterfly Positions
During Oral Sex Positions can multiply your pleasure. Just as soon as you go down, your feet slightly apart.

Clean Finish
The move is the easiest and most accurate. During the missionary position to reach as soon as you’re done, leave your legs open. The move will give you double the pleasure.


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