Major Challenges in front of Modi

No one is now in the politics at this time can give Modi a challenge. He is the leader who gave BJP the majority in Lok Sabha. He full filled the dreams of RSS. But will he completed all his promises.


Modi will take oath as the Prime Minister today.


Policy paralysis was a hot issue at the time of the UPA Government. The country’s growth rate has remained around 5 percent. ManMohan Government can’t take this to 8 percent, in spite of several decisions and promises. This is a big issue in front of the new Prime Minister.

These people will join the Modi’s swearing-in-ceremony

Corruption is also an important issue that remains in lime light always. Modi also uses this issue in the LokSabha election. He gave speeches on it. Now it’s time to see what steps he will take to stop the corruption.

 Do not expect too much from Modi-Sharif meeting – Pak Media

Terrorism is the issue that everyone wants to get rid of. The relationship with China is also an issue. There are also so many issues that he has to handle.

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