April 9, 2024
Google automatic car
Google automatic car

Self Driving Car by Google

The Google has decided to make its own self  driving or automatic car in place of improving the cars made by other automatic car companies.

There is a button in this car to stop and start, but no steering or paddle for the control is available.

It is known from the picture of the car that it is like the other urban cars and thus has designed it to be feeling secure from the front.

In addition, it will help in accepting the automatic technology.

Cofounder of Google, Sarge Brin gave this information in the press conference held at the California.

The director of the company’s automated project Chris Urmasan said, “We are really very excited for this car. This is like this that will further take the capabilities of automatic technology and understand its limits.”

This car of the Google looks like a cartoon. It has no bonut like the traditional cars. Two people can sit in this car and it will run by the electricity. It will run at the maximum speed of 40 km/hr.

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