March 5, 2024

Pak players will get 250 percent bonus after beating Indian Team

The Pakistan Cricket Board also does central contracts with his players like the BCCI. And the PCB did the contract with its 31 players. PCB did some players out of its new testament whereas put some players into another category from one category.

But the most interesting factor of this contract is that the PCB will give the bonus of 250 percent after defeating the team India.

Some players are very much benefitted with this contract, whereas some top players are shocked. Pakistan has made the contract with 31 players in 4 sections (A, B, C, D).

There is a great loss to the former captain Shoaib Malik. He has turned out from this central contract. Kamran Akmal is  also not the part of this contract as he is also kept out.

These players did not perform well for a long time. Malik was also included in T-20, but he did not play well there also.

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