24 B-Tech Students Drown in Beas River in Mandi

Nearly 24 students drown in the river after a sudden release of the water from the dam of Larji Hydro electrical power project on Sunday. The students were going to Manali.

They all are the students of the VNR Science Jyoti engineering Institute and going to Manali. The whole area is stirred by this incident.

The people are very angry from leaving the water without any siren. The relief work was not started till late night.

According to information received late evening, there are the students of the VNR Science Jyoti Institute of Engineering and Technology of Hyderabad. There are nearly 55 students in 2 buses.

About 5:30 pm on Sunday, the two Tata AC buses, UP 65 –BT-4068 and up 65-BT-5872 with students stayed at Kaharanal near Thalaut and go close to the river Beas for the photography purpose.Then the water of the river was calm. Suddenly the water released from channels of the Larji dam. There are total 13 girls in which 6 are missing and 18 boys are missing.

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